The Best Domestic Tea Brands Available In West Bengal

Posted by Admin on July, 09, 2019

Tea is the staple drink of the majority of Indians and their day does not start without sipping a hot cup of tea in bed. However, there are different types of tea leaves available in the market and each tea leaf offers a different taste, color, and aroma. While many like their tea black and strong, there are others who look for less strong and whitish shade in their tea. But not everyone is not able to find the best quality tea leaves for making tea. In India, there are a number of tea estates where one can find the best quality tea leaves there. Whether one goes to the tea estates in Darjeeling or the tea estates in any other hill station, West Bengal has a number of tea estates that offer the finest quality tea leaves at a cost-effective price. If you are also looking for good quality tea, there are a number of domestic tea brands in West Bengal that you can try. Here are the top brands.

Top Tee
Top Tee is one of the most common types of domestic tea brands found in West Bengal. There are a number of varieties offered by the Top tee tea brand. Here are the common ones among them:

• Top Tee Premium: The premium tea leaves are handpicked from the plants and add more flavor and color to your tea. The aroma that comes from these tea leaves is also very strong.
• Top Tee Gold: The unique taste and aroma of Top Tee Gold brand tea leaves make it even more favorite of the people.
• Top Tee Green: Those who are in favor of green tea instead of the normal tea, having Top Tee Green green tea should be the first priority always.
• Top Tee Economy: Those who are looking for fine quality tea leaves for everyday use, it is a good idea to use Top Tee Economy tea leaves.
• Top tee Janata: This tea is picked from the best tea plantations and is great for common Janata who is not very picky with their tea.

Golden Sipp
Another great brand offering domestic tea in West Bengal is the Golden Sipp. This is one of the finest quality tea leaves available in the market. The tea adheres to ISO 22000:2005 and GMP standards and ensures that not just the taste but the quality also stands out. You can rest assured that the eta made suing Golden Sipp tea leaves would always make everyone question the brand you have used.

Ananda Gold
Another top quality tea brand available in West Bengal is Ananda Gold. If you are looking for the finest quality tea offered by a domestic brand, Ananda Gold is what you should try. This is cost effective tea leaves that have a very distinguished taste, color, and aroma. The biggest feature of this tea brand is that it is very cost effective tea.

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